LinkedIn is a popular tool among 50 Twenty Seven Events team members because it is a great way to connect with others digitally. Of course, there are many other benefits to using the platform. There may be a number of ways you could be getting more from LinkedIn. Here are a few of the tool’s top applications:

• Customer Research: According to Nielsen research, 85 percent of consumers search for trusted content when considering a purchase. More than just a networking tool, LinkedIn is a popular place for experts and businesses to share ideas and recommendations. It is a great way to build out your brand for both online and offline purchases.

• Finding Mentors: Every 50 Twenty Seven Events new team member is paired with a veteran manager for mentorship. This relationship can really accelerate learning and success. LinkedIn is a hotbed of people connecting with potential mentors.

• Professional Groups: The group functionality on LinkedIn is useful for meeting new people. Leveraging this in addition to the main LinkedIn connection system can help you grow your digital footprint.

• Lead Generation: Many of the people you can connect with on the platform may be possible leads. It’s helpful for anyone trying to grow a business.