GLENDALE, CA – Select 50 Twenty Seven Events team members recently attended a national quarterly conference. According to Lilit G., the company’s CEO, the event was a successful learning opportunity.

The 50 Twenty Seven Events branding strategists traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend the professional development gathering, Lilit explained. Sales and marketing professionals from all around the country were also there. It was a great opportunity for everyone to learn about the latest best practices in the industry.

“Investing into our abilities and knowledge helps us stay on the cutting edge,” Lilit stated. “Our field is ever-evolving, so it is important to develop with it. Our people took advantage of seminars and workshops hosted by leading experts on various aspects of business. Getting a chance to receive hands-on training from such experienced individuals is always worth making a trip.”

Beyond the scheduled sessions at the conference, attendees from 50 Twenty Seven Events also learned by networking. Lilit indicated that everyone at industry events wants to share their latest success stories. This gave the team an opportunity to hear what strategies and ideas have been working in other markets. They also discussed some of their own experiences.

“Leslie was one of the attendees,” Lilit continued. “She is an assistant manager here. She is working toward mastering all the aspects of leadership, so it is very valuable for her to network with peers from other organizations. It gave her a chance to gain more knowledge on the management side of this industry. She definitely came back better equipped for success than ever before.”

The whole office is abuzz with excitement over the new ideas from the conference, Lilit added. They are looking forward to seeing what they can achieve in the coming months.

50 Twenty Seven Events’ CEO Discusses the Benefits of Travel

Beyond the learning options they offer, these industry events are perks for 50 Twenty Seven Events team members, asserted Lilit. She explained that many such conferences are in exciting cities, and some are even tropical destinations.

“These travel perks are fun ways to reward people for their hard work,” she stated. “They learn and develop themselves as professionals while also exploring a new place. This can be very inspiring and just plain enjoyable. In short, sending people on these trips is a win-win for everybody. I am greatly looking forward to new travel opportunities we can organize in the coming year.”

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