At 50 Twenty Seven Events we are in the business of spreading the word about the brands we represent. Increasing awareness is essential to helping these companies achieve their growth goals. This is true for individuals hoping to reach their professional objectives as well. Of course, many people are hesitant to sing their own praises too much. Fortunately, there is one strategy from which anyone can benefit.

A lot of people find self-promotion to be an uncomfortable but necessary task. While it is certainly important for career success, it can also be a pleasant experience when done well. The core of this approach is to turn self-promotion into helping others. Rather than simply hawking your own work, guide others to valuable resources.

This idea is central to how we design 50 Twenty Seven Events campaigns – we understand the audience. By focusing on what will be helpful for the person(s) you are interacting with, you can create real value. This will make the whole experience much more enjoyable because you will be doing a lot more than just showing off your work.

Better yet, because this strategy focuses on helping others, it will make them much more excited to help you. For example, if you shared a blog you have been working on that offers financial advice to someone who could benefit from it, he or she will be more engaged than if you simply talked about a project that isn’t relevant to him or her.