We are dedicated to empowering our 50 Twenty Seven Events brand ambassadors to become effective leaders. While this largely means offering opportunities to practice, we also teach our people the essentials of great management. There are a few core lessons that we have found can make the difference between success and failure when leading others:

• Be Passionate: While not everyone can have the luxury of a career they love, it is a truly wonderful thing to achieve. When you are passionate about your work, you will be excited for each day. This will rub off on the people on your team and inspire them.

• Be Unafraid: Leaders must take risks and jump outside their comfort zones. Our business at 50 Twenty Seven Events is founded on creativity. There can be no innovation without risks. So, leaders must learn to be unafraid.

• Keep It Simple: Strive to keep plans as simple as possible. Leaders who can distill plans into their most focused forms will enjoy added success. This mind-set fosters greater innovation and is more robust when inevitable road bumps occur.

• Plan for Obstacles: In the business world, it is best to expect the unexpected. Leaders who are prepared to keep pushing forward will be more likely to reach their goals.