Making presentations is an important ability for 50 Twenty Seven Events promotional specialists. We spend significant time engaging with audiences. So, we provide training to all our team members on how to make a great pitch. This is a skill that many professionals would like to improve. Following these guidelines can help make that aspiration a reality:

• Speak Slowly: Many people speak rapidly when they are nervous. Make a conscious effort to slow down while speaking and use pauses to your advantage. When making a presentation, you likely want to adopt a slightly slower-than-normal cadence to make your words easier to understand.

• Keep It Simple: One of the core guidelines of all 50 Twenty Seven Events communication is to keep the language simple. The first goal of any message is for the audience to understand it. So, opt for less jargon and more familiar word choices.

• Be Confident: It may be easier said than done to be confident when speaking. However, there are a few tricks you can use. Pick strong words and phrases that show the audience that you are certain about what you are saying. Similarly, avoid phrases such as, “Kind of.”

• Watch Your Body Language: Remember that you communicate with more than just your words. Be conscious of your body language and try to maintain an open, confident pose.